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A collection of thought-provoking pieces about
young people in the role of teachers

The Protégé Effect: How Teaching Adults Helps Improve Your Academics

Have you heard about the protégé effect? It’s when you get to help people by teaching them something new and in return you learn too!


The Positive Benefits of Reverse Mentorship in Youths and Adults

What effect does this have on both the youth and adult?


Using 'Scaffolding' to Improve Confidence in Kids

Scaffolding is a method in which teachers encourage students to solve a problem or carry out a task by explaining the task or problem and then slowly providing less and less assistance.


Building Social and Emotional Learning through YEP

Social and emotional learning is linked to increased academic success and better behaviour.


Flipping the Script on Parentification

Research shows that parentification -- the act of children having to support their parents in daily tasks -- has negative consequences emotionally. But YEP has managed to change this.


Many young people aren't able to find meaningful volunteering

46% of low-income youth forge volunteer hours.