Youth Empowering Parents

A charitable program where young people teach skills to adults and seniors.


Turning Young People From
Educated to Educators

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Young People Teach
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“At home, my parents call the shots. Here, I call the shots.”

- Selam, age 13

“I get to be a real community leader.”

- Yusef, age 17

“It's so much easier to learn from young people.”

- Ferial, age 58

Why your support matters

Support an Award Winning Program

Youth Empowering Parents was chosen by an international jury for the UN's Innovation Award. External research finds every $1 spent by YEP generates $27 in societal return through improved employment outcomes, greater volunteerism, and enhanced social capital.

Unlock Young People's Potential

Too often, youth are treated as a ‘problem’ that need to be fixed. We view them as a ‘solution’. We engage them to teach, inspire, and enrich the lives of marginalized and isolated adults and seniors.

Support Low-income Adults & Seniors

One-on-one support is a faster and more effective way of learning, but the average cost of a tutor is $20 per hour – a luxury many cannot afford. Through YEP, young volunteers have contributed over $4 million dollars worth of free tutoring in their own communities.


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