Reasons to love Youth Empowering Parents

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Recognized Worldwide


Youth Empowering Parents (YEP) is an award-winning program recognized by the United Nations Alliance of Civilization & BMW Group as a model worth replicating into communities around the world.

A Winning Formula


1 on 1 teaching from youth to adults/senior
+ in their own native language
+ at their own pace of learning
+ at times that are convenient for them
= Youth Empowering Parents

Inspired Youth

8000volunteerhours The YEP model allows youth to volunteer in a way that directly improves their own community. So far, YEP youth have contributed over 18,000 hours of volunteering within their own community.


Youth Empowering Parents (YEP) is a unique program designed to more rapidly and cost-effectively transfer skills to newcomer adults. YEP combines the economics of a traditional classroom, with the effectiveness of private-tutoring. For every adult, there is one trained youth who provides them with one-on-one tutoring and looks after their educational needs. An assigned coach is there to facilitate the classroom; train and mentor youth through any difficulties; assess the adult’s learning; and provide feedback to both youth and adults to ensure a successful learning platform is maintained.

Volunteer Driven


YEP is heavily volunteer driven. For every Like we get on Facebook, our team will contribute 1 hour of volunteer time to the program.

Skills Gained


Adults learn the English and computer literacy skills they need to function independently in their daily activities, as well as integrate comfortably into Canadian society. Youth learn how to teach!

We’re Expanding


YEP is a model that is easy to replicate. We’re taking our proprietary curriculum on the road and bringing it to new communities this year.