Social Return on Investment

A Social Return on Investment (SROI) study places a dollar value on program outcomes. It isolates the financial benefit of a program by:

      • Examining program benefits;
      • Using research to assign a dollar value to cost and benefits; and
      • Calculating the overall return on every dollar invested into the program.

Youth Empowering Parents commissioned an external consulting group, Community Seed Consulting, to carry out a SROI study of the organization.

Survey data of 545 participants (273 youth and 272 adults) from the 2013-14 program year were analyzed. Comparison data and financial proxies (i.e. the dollar value of an outcome) was gathered from secondary sources. The study was focused on benefits gained by participants during the 2013-14 program year, as well as estimations about the future benefits that participants will experience. A very conservative was applied: a low attribution to YEP was assigned for nearly all metrics; and the lasting impact of each benefit was limited to between 1 and 3 years, rather than potentially several decades. Despite this conservative approach, the resulting SROI calculation was $12 of societal benefit for every $1 invested into the program.

The impact report can be viewed by clicking here.

The full data spreadsheet is available by clicking here.