Selam and her mother, Yordanos

At YEP, Selam teaches her mother many computer skills. She started off showing her how to turn on a computer, then showed her how to navigate the internet, and eventually got to showing her how to fill out a job application online.

This is nothing new for Selam. She had helped her mother at home with many things in the past. So why bother coming to YEP?

“At home, we automatically talk in our native language,” says her mother, Yordanos. “Here my goal is to learn as much English and computer skills, and my daughter is really helpful. She is getting professional training on how to be a great teacher at just a young age.”

Selam enjoys the role reversal. “At home, my parents call the shots. Here, I call the shots. I’m learning how to be an adult. And I think I’m speaking for most kids like me, my mother sees another side of me and I see another side of my mother. It’s really cool.”