Ferial’s story

I want you to take a moment to understand the complex and confusing piece of technology you are currently using to read this. Dozens of buttons on a keyboard, even more buttons on the screen.

Many people forget that a computer and its use isn’t something that one can be born with. The people of this generation have had computers or some kind of computer for as long as they can remember.

Ferial, however, had to learn how to use a computer. A daunting task to say the least.

With the help of YEP, she learned and continues to learn how to use this vital tool in her everyday life. She went to a computer class before attending YEP. However, the instructor had to teach dozens of students, each with varying levels of skill. She simply was not able to get the attention she desired. This fundamental problem caused her to leave that class. When she hear about YEP, she jumped at the opportunity. YEP offers her the customized one-on-one teaching she desires. With the help of youth who had grown up with this technology, those who know it like the back of their hands, the complex task of learning quickly became a rather simple one. In the video above, she explains how she was able to get a real handle on how computers work.