Our Mission

Youth Empowering Parents unlocks community resources to meet the educational needs of immigrant adults by developing youth into effective teachers and service-providers.

Our Vision

YEP envisions a world where youth are empowered to engage with and transform their communities through an innovative, grassroots model that serves the needs of immigrant adults and other marginalized individuals in their own communities.

The YEP Program

Youth Empowering Parents has created a model that works efficiently and replicates easily. This model provides one-to-one tutoring at little to no cost to the government and no cost at all to the learner. Time and time again, YEP has shown that youth, as young as 11 years old, withe the right support, can teach the English language and computer skills they already know. Youth can teach adults (their parents and others) either in English or in a native language they share, as required. This is a wonderful opportunity for both youths and parents.

This innovative model has received many awards, including from the United Nations.

Our Leadership

The skills held by our leadership team span the corporate and public sectors. Everyone is committed to bringing Youth Empowering Parents to as many beneficiaries as possible.

Our Donors

The generosity of our donors provides life-changing opportunities for youth and adults across Canada.

YEP in the news

YEP has been featured in over 20 newspapers, radio segments, and TV spots.