YEP & GizmoGrind partner to teach mobile devices to adults and seniors

For years, Youth Empowering Parents has been engaging young people in communities across Toronto to provide 1-on-1 teaching to local adults and seniors. Programs operate in pre-existing community facilitates; for example, a computer course would take place at a local school or library, where computer equipment already exists.

A new partnership with GizmoGrind will help YEP bring its programming to areas that lack the requisite community infrastructure for digital literacy training.

GizmoGrind, an online platform allowing the quick sale of Smartphones for business and consumers of iPhones and Androids, has supplied YEP with smartphone and tablet devices. The partnership will allow hundreds of under-served Torontonians to participate in digital literacy training, particularly those living in areas with limited access to technology, as well as to seniors with mobility challenges.

“There is no training program in my neighbourhood so it is really helpful to have this opportunity,” says Eva, one of YEP’s beneficiaries (pictured left).

Santosh, a senior participant, is excited for the opportunity to learn technology for the first time. Mobile devices from GizmoGrind will allow digital literacy training to take place directly in her building, where over 80 seniors live. “It’s hard for us to travel to a program somewhere else. It’s great that we will be able to learn this right in our building. There are so many of us who are interested.”

“Being a part of something that has shown its ability to increase the potential for employment, as well as improve community bonds by using families to train each other, is quite heartwarming,” says Ahmed Bafagih, founder of GizmoGrind. “I grew up in one of YEP’s communities, and YEP is making an impact improving the lives of people who are part of my community.”

About GizmoGrind

GizmoGrind is an online platform allowing the quick sale of Smartphones for business and consumers of iPhones and Androids. (You can only sell online to us, you can’t buy a phone through GizmoGrind)

Users of GizmoGrind can get an instant quote for their used phone online and we facilitate all shipping from all over Canada. Once we receive the device, we assess and send payment online. The whole process takes about 3 days.

GizmoGrind plants one tree for every device sold through our partnership.

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