YEP Partners with Ontario Centre for Workforce Innovation

October 6, 2017: The Ontario Centre for Workforce Innovation works with agencies and other partners across Ontario that specifically target building skills, providing training, and overall improve employability of Ontarians. OCWI was interested in looking at the YEP model and program and seeing how we provide employment skills to youth and to adults, and what gaps we fill in. YEP has recently partnered with OCWI who will be conducting a case study about the program. For more information about the Ontario Centre for Workforce Innovation and their projects, please take a look at their website:

YEP highlighted by MaRS in the Strategic Framework for Youth Leadership and Innovation in Canada

January 10th, 2017: The Strategic Framework for Youth Leadership and Innovation in Canada report by MaRS has highlighted Youth Empowering Parents as a program that fosters business incubation, networking and mentorship within Canada’s youth leadership and innovation “ecosystem”.

To check out MaRS’ insights from the 2016 National Youth Leadership and Innovation Strategy Summit, click on this link:

York University and YEP embrace “Teacher Education for High Poverty Schools”

January 5th, 2017: For the last few years, Youth Empowering Parents has partnered with York University Teacher’s College – Faculty of Education. Each year, students from this program get the opportunity to complete their community practicum with YEP. YEP has benefited a great deal from having these amazingly talented students work with us, and the Regent Park community has also benefited from this relationship as well. Recently, a book has been published titled “Teacher Education for High Poverty Schools”, where YEP and the Regent Park neighbourhood are mentioned under the chapter by Alison Griffith and Sherri Gilbert, “Learning to Teach in the Park: The York University Regent Park Initiative”. This chapter can be read through this link: