The Importance of Literacy

I saw that the best-thing I could do was get hold of a dictionary–to study, to learn some words

Malcolm X

Language is the expression or communication of thoughts and feelings by means of vocal sounds, and combinations of such sounds, to which meaning is attributed to human speech.

Webster’s Dictionary, 1999

The power to convey your thoughts is among one of the most important aspects that will govern your success in relationships, financial acquity, as well as your life. Without an adequate supply of vocabulary, literary capacity, and determination to excel in ESL, you will have a very difficult time attaining any form of financial independence. A comprehensive experience is very difficult to acquire as well as proper instruction. Language learning is perhaps one of the most difficult to master, and so, mastering any language requires a great deal of practise, determination, and continual usage. The most important step of all is to begin at a place where you can truly benefit.

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Reading Leads to Success

The Cost of ESL Programs Can Be Avoided

The cost of language learning remains high and is clearly a determinant for an individual, as such, it is important that one receives not only an ESL education, but one with quality. Despite the costly nature of ESL programs, the immediate benefit is a skilled individual who has the capacity and knowledge to teach you English. Your other option may be multicultural programs like YEP Education that provides this for free, however, with a different perspective that can pay it forward.

Language can provide a source of power, of success through word and sentence structure mastery. Literacy in Ontario is alarmingly low, reaching a threshold of severe economic impact and further causing a chain-reaction that affects and effects people, one’s workplace, and one’s public interactions. With an effective approach, language can be learned, maintained, and further improved significantly, a great reason to develop your capacity for English!